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Bar-Ilan University (BIU)

Established in 1955, Bar-Ilan University (BIU) is today Israel’s largest university with a total undergraduate and graduate student enrollment of more than 34,000 at its main Ramat Gan campus and six regional colleges. With more than 1,600 senior and junior faculty members, BIU has achieved an international reputation for academic and research excellence, especially, but not limited to the fields of archaeology, bio-medicine, brain sciences, cancer, communications and information security, cognitive sciences, marine biology, magnetism and superconductivity, multilingualism, nanotechnology and advanced materials, and renewable energy.

Building on its successes in FP6 & FP7, BIU is committed to strengthening its research and innovation infrastructure for Horizon 2020. BIU supports this research initiative with 76 research centers and 66 academic chairs. Recently, BIU opened its medical school in the Galilee region whose research focus is translational and personal medicine — applying targeted research to specific issues that arise in hospitals and clinics. With a commitment to expanding its research and innovation activities, and advanced studies, BIU places major emphasis on substantially increasing the number of research students, recruiting outstanding post-doctoral students, and increasing its research revenues. BIU has also developed unique interdisciplinary study programs, and has intensified collaborations and consortium building with scientists from the EU and the USA.

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Bar-Ilan University Team

BIU_Sarit Kraus_Coordinator & Technical Lead

Sarit Kraus
Coordinator & Technical Director

Osnat Drein

Osnat Drein


Natalia Gordon-Lukovsky
Project Management

Zvi Kahana

Zvi Kahana
Project Management

Galit Nahari

Galit Nahari
Researcher & Ethical Advisor

Ariel Roth

Ariel Roth
Product Manager & System Architect

Ayelet Sapir

Ayelet Sapir
Project Management

Estelle Waise

Estelle Waise
Project Management


Compedia is a global leader in the development of interactive educational systems, content and technology, since 1988. The company specializes in creating engagement through gamification, re-inventing the way people interact with educational and professional content. Compedia’s internationally awarded products have already taught millions of people, in 50 countries, speaking 35 languages.

Compedia collaborates with educational publishers, leading companies, governmental bodies and non-government organizations such as Intel, Microsoft. Compedia has participated in joint R&D projects (financed by grants such as EU FP7, H2020-FCT-2014) with leading universities, such as Cambridge, Karolinska Institute, the Technische Universtät München, Bar Ilan University (Israel), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium).

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Compedia Team

Ilan Goldberg

Ilan Goldberg

Shai Newman

Shai Newman


Hadas Rutenberg
PO of Advanced Technology Projects

Yehuda Sapir

Yehuda Sapir
Director of Advanced Technology Projects


IDENER is a private research SME company composed of a team of researchers with a sound scientific background in disciplines comprising the branch of systems engineering, such as electronics and computer, systems integration and control, and process engineering.

The company, located in Aerópolis Science and Technology Park (Seville, Spain), was founded in 2010 by a group of PhD holding engineers. From that time forward, IDENER has positioned itself as a valued partner of top European research centers, universities and technology firms.

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Carlos Leyva

Carlos Leyva

Marta Marcias

Marta Marcias

Alejandro delReal

Alejandro del Real


The Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa (INESC-ID) is a R&D institute dedicated to advanced research and development in the fields of Information Technologies, Electronics, Communications, and Energy.

INESC-ID addresses a wide range of related fields, including: energy systems, control, signal processing, electronics (circuit design, quality, and test), embedded systems, networks, distributed systems, software engineering, algorithms, data management, bioinformatics, information systems, intelligent agents (GAIPS), human computer interfaces and graphics, and natural language processing (L2F).

The Intelligent Agent and Synthetic Characters Group (GAIPS) aims at enhanced human computer/machine interaction with the use of intelligent affective and social agents. We investigate methods for the creation of Emotional and Social Agents Models, the creation of Adaptive and Relational Agents and Social Simulation.

The Spoken Language Systems Lab (L2F) attempts to bridge the gap between natural spoken language and the underlying semantic information. Research is focused on 5 core areas including multimedia transcription, spoken multimodal dialog systems, speech-to-speech translation, e-learning and e-health.

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Marta Marcias

Joana Campos


Luisa Coheur


Sérgio Curto
Junior Researcher/PhD Student

Carlos Leyva

Ana Paiva

Rui Prada

Rui Prada

Diogo Rato


Francisco Santos

KU Leuven – University of Leuven

KU Leuven – University of Leuven boasts a rich tradition of education and research that dates back six centuries (founded in 1425). It is currently by far the largest university in Belgium in terms of research funding and expenditure, and is a charter member of LERU. KU Leuven conducts fundamental and applied research in all academic disciplines with a clear international orientation.
KU Leuven has 16 Faculties, organized in three groups:

  • Science, Engineering & Technology
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Humanities & Social Sciences

One of the Faculties in the Humanities & Social Sciences group is the Faculty of Law.

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KU Leuven Team

Geert Vervaeke

Geert Vervaeke

Emma Jaspaert

Emma Jaspaert

Ministry of Public Security / Israel National Police

The Focus of the Israel Police: Public Security, Maintaining Law and Order & Fighting Crime

Policing and law enforcement in Israel are the sole responsibility of the Israel Police. As a national force, the Israel Police is responsible for all aspects of policing, including crime prevention and law enforcement.
The work of the Israel Police takes on a whole new dimension when operating in such a sensitive area as Israel.

The main areas on which the Israel Police focuses are:

  • Public Security
    • The prevention and thwarting of terror
    • Response to calls from citizens
    • Arrangement of security procedures
    • Organization of volunteers in the context of the Civil Guard
  • Maintaining Law and Order 
    • Response to calls regarding public disturbances
    • Effective response to demonstrations and unlawful gatherings
    • Licensing – Establishment of limits and conditions for businesses
    • Responsibility for detainees
    • Implementation of court orders
  • Fighting Crime
    • Investigation of crimes and apprehension of offenders
    • Detection and exposure of unreported crimes, such as drug trafficking and extortion
    • Crime prevention – Instructing the public how to protect themselves and their property

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Ministry of Public Security / Israel National Police Team


Dvir Eliav
Chief Investigation Officer National Academy

Dimitry Himenblum Investigations & Law Unit

Dmitry Himenblum
Investigations & Law Unit


Tibby Roth
Superintendent, Special Technologies Officer, R&D Division

Zvi Nisin Head of North Laboratory of Investigative Psychology

Zvi Nisin
Head of North Laboratory of Investigative Psychology

Lior Shalev Head of Missing Person Unit

Lior Shalev
Head of Missing Person Unit

USECON – The Usability Consultants

USECON is an internationally active consultancy, based in Vienna, that is specialized in consulting services around all activities of user-centred design of interactive systems. Human beings with all their needs, expectations and behaviours are central to our interests. The focus of all our activities are the “3 Us”:

  • Usability – the simple usage of all complex systems and technologies
  • User Experience – the user’s holistic, emotional experience
  • User Interface Design – analysis, interaction strategy, conception, prototyping, graphic design

USECON has an experience background of more than 500 research and industrial projects with more than 300 customers on an international scale. Beside this huge amount of activities, USECON offers special expertise in a broad area of application and technological domains.

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USECON – The Usability Consultants


Markus Murtinger
Project Management


Claudia Jung
Dissemination & Exploitation


Michael Bechinie
Head of User Requirements


Ronald Wosny-Jenny
User Requirements

Spanish Guardia Civil

The Spanish Guardia Civil is an armed institution with military nature which is part of the State’s Defence & Security Corps and take part of Security Bodies in Spain. As one of the national agents with responsibilities on security, the Spanish Constitution establishes as their prime mission to protect the free exercise of the rights and liberties of the Spanish people and guarantee security of the citizenship, all of it under the responsibility of the Spanish Government.

It is dependent from Ministry of Interior with regard to services, salaries, destinations and means, and from Ministry of Defence with regard to promotions and missions of military nature. Besides, Guardia Civil deals with necessities of the Treasury Ministry related to the financial prosecutions of the state, and watch over fulfilment of the rules and regulations related with the different organizations of Central and Autonomous Communities Administrations.

The Guardia Civil is an institution which renders essential services to the community, in conformity with the guidelines provided by its basic behaviour principles. These guidelines constitute a real ethic code binding together all the Guardia Civil members.

Administrative Police functions:

  • Protection of the Spanish economic interests
  • Public order
  • Assistance
  • Criminal investigation police
  • Intelligence services, etc.

In order to carry out all these functions, Guardia Civil has 80,000 officers, who are deployed all over the national territory and territorial waters. Guardia Civil carries out 3.9 million services per year, that is, approximately 10,000 a day; that amounts to 32 million work hours and one million actions. Two million humanitarian activities are conducted every year. Guardia Civil constant work results in the fact that it investigates nearly 300,000 crimes, over 274,000 minor offences and 380,000 infringements against public safety; it solves over 200,000 criminal offence cases every year, and arrests almost 100,000 alleged criminals, i.e., 308 arrests a day. In order to develop these services, the Guardia Civil vehicles cover more than 350 million kilometres a year.

Inspectoratul General al Politiei Romane

Inspectoratul General al Politiei Romane is the central unit of Romanian Police with general territorial competences. It leads, guides and controls all the subordinated police units, investigates serious crimes related to organized crime groups, economic and financial crimes, or other crimes which are part of penal cases supervised by the Prosecutor Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania.

Romanian Police is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and is the specialized state institution, with responsibilities for protecting the fundamental rights and liberties of the persons, the private and public property, preventing and investigating crimes, ensuring respect for the public order, accordingly to the law.

Le Service Public Federal Justice

Le Service Public Federal Justice is at the crossroads of the three constitutional powers and is responsible for:

  • preparing and implementing legislation and providing support to the Minister of Justice within its fields of competence
  • supervising and to give operational support to the judiciary, focusing on coordination and development of the organization
  • ensuring the effective enforcement of judicial and administrative decisions by providing legal certainty and equal treatment of all concerned

SPF Justice is organized into three branches (Legislation, Fundamental Rights and Liberties – Judicial Organization – Prisons) and three supporting services (Personnel and Organization – Budget and Management Control – ICT).

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Le Service Public Federal Team


Eric Bisschop
Vice Federal Prosecutor


Marianne Cappelle
Federal Magistrate


Frédéric Van Leeuw
Federal Prosecutor

SPFJ_Ester Natus

Ester Natus
Federal Magistrate

Advisory Board

Ms. Dr. Claire Nee, Portsmouth University, UK – Ethics Advisor

Ms. Jo Taylor, College of Policing, UK

Mr. William Finn, College of Policing, UK